6ix9ine, DAY69: Album Review

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Written by Brent Faulkner


Controversial rapper 6ix9ine showcases potential on ‘DAY69,’ but finds himself stuck on clichés.


21-year old 6ix9ine  (Daniel Hernandez), is the latest rapper benefiting from a rise via SoundCloud.  With his ascent also comes controversy – a sexual misconduct case. Regardless, he scored a hit with “GUMMO”, one of 11 songs that appears on his debut project, DAY69   (February 23, 2018), released via ScumGang.  While he showcases potential on the album, he finds himself stuck on clichés. 


Highlight: “GUMMO”


The brief “BILLY”  kicks things off fiercely.  Following a ‘middle fingers to the skies’ intro by actor Michael K. Williams, 6ix9ine shouts through rhymes encompassing sex and violence.  The energy is turnt up – totally no ceilings. The heat is maintained on breakthrough hit “GUMMO”,  named after the left-of-center 1997 movie. A scream-rapped, hard-nosed approach continues, with aggressiveness matched by minor-key, wicked production.  “GUMMO” isn’t profound, but catchy.  A remix appears as the penultimate track, featuring Offset.


Highlight: “KEKE”


“Brrt Brrt, we ain’t throwin’ hands in this…” Brevity continues on “RONDO,”  featuring Tory Lanez  and Young Thug.  Lanez ‘fuels the fire’ by supplying the hook. 6ix9ne continues to exude toughness, while Young Thug focuses on lux:  Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and Patek Phillippe. The bigger attraction, “KEKE”featuring Fetty Wap  and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie,  keeps pace with the musical script (minor key, rhythmic synths, and pounding drum programming).  The lyrical script is similar too, as 6ix9ine amps up explicitness with little substance on his verse and hook. Fetty Wap gives us LaVar Ball FTW, while A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie  ‘schools us’ on the art of f-bomb usage.



Melodic wouldn’t be a fitting way to characterize “93,”  with its brash, distorted, and harsh sound. 6ix9ine continues to be ‘in your face,’ which is polarizing. “DOOWEE”  continues to check off the boxes of the ‘SoundCloud’ rapper: distorted bass, punchy, repetitive rhymes, and a heaping dosage of vibe.  It’s hyped up for sure, yet, short on depth.


Highlight: “KOODA”


“I got the drop on your spot, everybody watch out!” On standout “KOODA”6ix9ine keeps it ‘short and sweet,’ continuing to go ‘H.A.M.’  He dishes out a wordy hook, with indisputable energy and more middle fingers.  Dropping two verses as well, he’s aggressive and loud. The production work remains dark, and notably, incorporates a distinct piano loop.


Backdrop continues on as a consistent selling point on “BUBA,”  which ultimately isn’t much different than what precedes and follows it. “MOOKY”  adds a few more seconds to its length. Still, 6ix9ine serves up a turn-up track that is brutally violent and lacks redeeming values.  Following the aforementioned “GUMMO Remix,” DAY69 concludes with a surprising full-length track, “CHOCOLATÉ.”  It’s different…


Final Thoughts


DAY69 is…something. 6ix9ine brings energy to the mic.  Throughout DAY69, the exuberance and excitement are indisputable.  The biggest issue is a lack of distinct, new ideas.  Rap cliché after cliché is on display, right down to the production.  6ix9ine can rap, and has potential, but, he lacks finesse.  Verdict: 3 stars.


Favorites: “GUMMO,” “KEKE” & “KOODA”


Brent Faulkner  is a freelance music blogger/journalist from Danville, Kentucky. He holds a B.A. in music education, as well as a M.M. in music theory/composition. In the past, Faulkner has contributed to entertainment sites PopMatters, Starpulse, and Black Gospel reviewing albums and compiling and composing evergreen articles. Currently, he maintains his own music entertainment website, The Musical Hype, in addition to contributing to The Urban Music Scene.

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